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Welcome to CharlieFrancis.com

Charliefrancis.com was created as a means to market the knowledge and teachings of Charlie Francis -
the greatest speed coach the world has ever known. Over time the site has evolved to include
a community of individuals contributing knowledge and sharing insight to further training
and sport on a worldwide basis.

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Charlie's Story

Charlie was best known as the coach of world record setting sprinter Ben Johnson however that only scratches the surface of who Charlie was.
Charlie was an Olympic sprinter himself, representing Canada at the Munich Olympics in 1972 when he was ranked 5th in the world in the 100m. From that beginning Charlie shaped his future career as one of the most revolutionary training coaches in history.
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Charlie francis archives

Please join us in one of the best forums on the web dedicated to the discussion of high performance training. Contribute as much or as little as you wish. We welcome all and believe you will benefit from the wealth of knowledge our members share.
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Charlie Francis Products

Our products range from Charlie’s bestselling book, "Speed Trap", and his treatise on training techniques, the "Charlie Francis Training Manual" to video products showing Charlie training athletes on proper technique right on the track. Additionally we have video products showing Charlie educating others on the science behind training. Whether it is charts and graphs you are interested in, learning about tapering your training before an event or watching proper massage technique, we have the right product for you.
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About This Website

Charliefrancis.com is owned and operated by Angela Coon. Angela was a sprint prodigy in her own right with success following her wherever she went. However, years of chronic overtraining taught her first hand the need for many of Charlie’s teachings. As she applied them to her own training, Angela recovered her sprint career, culminating in being a member of the Canadian National Track and Field Team in the mid ‘90’s. Today, Angela is a well respected trainer and coach with a growing following in the nascent science of physical regeneration.

What People Are Saying...

Charlie Francis is one of the most recognized sprint coaches of his era. His philosophy and training techniques are a testimony that Charlie was ahead of his time, and in my opinion, one of the world’s truly elite coaches. CharlieFrancis.com is one of the finest resources for athletic performance, injury prevention, nutrition, and all aspects of athletic enhancement. This website is a must for the performance coach, athlete, and rehabilitation professional.

Rob Panariello MS, PT, ATC, CSCS
Founding Partner
Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy
Professional Athletic Performance Center
New York, NY

Charlie was one of the most effective instructors I've met. Confident in his approach. He constantly reminded me about me running gait and arm movement. Ever knowledgeable about explosion and turnoverIssac Bruce NFL Future Hall of Fame Receiver One of the most productive receivers in NFL history 14 year NFL career

…..Charlie was so far ahead of his time. The amount of athletes that he's touched is unreal…..   He drastically changed the way I train myself and my athletes.  He touched me and the lives of thousands of others….Scott Umberger
Owner Umbergerperformance.com

A measure of a great leader…,  is someone who leaves indelible mark on their profession long past their time  here on earth. In the field of athletic performance that would be Charlie Francis. Al Vermeil
USA Strength and Conditioning Coach Hall of Fame,
Legends in the Field by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches,
Conditioning Coach of San Francisco 49ers NFL,
Super bowl Championships 1982,
NBA Chicago Bulls,
6 time (91, 92,93,96, 97 & 98) World Champions and MBA Chicago White Sox.